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"Since starting Mike’s course five months ago, I have closed deals on 17 properties, valued at over 2.3 Million dollars. My net worth is now over $800,000. It was easy to follow Mike’s system. I now wake up excited about my real estate career filled with opportunity."

- Brad D.

"With Mike’s help I have closed deals on three properties in less than six months. The first with a profit of $17,000, the second a profit of $60,000, and the third - a long term property with a positive cash flow and huge upside potential!"

- Ed S.

"With Mike's help, I was able to enter into three investment deals that brought me a profit of over $650,000. Mike’s powerful investing strategies have brought me profits that I was completely missing before I took his class"

- Boyd B.

"Within 84 days of starting the class, I bought and sold my first property. I made $13,200 and saved about $3,200 in closing costs using Mike’s strategies. I now have five building lots under contract and expect to make just under $35,000 per home built"

- Jenny Q.

"Just weeks after Mike’s class, I closed on my first deal with a profit of $48,000. 

Mike’s techniques have rejuvenated my outlook. I love my new style!"

- Nick M.

"When I started Mike’s course I had no real estate investing experience and was a full-time elementary school teacher. Even with very little free time, I was able to close my first deal within three months. That first property was undervalued by $15,000, and cash flows $400 per month. I have since done two more deals!"

- Janell M.
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